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Our Story

The Kansas City area at the time had little Wing Chun, Jun Fan or JKD.  Bryan Stevenson attended a few years at the Missouri Jun Fan Gung Fu Club and seminars with Bruce Lee’s protégé, Sifu Ted Wong.  He then began Tuesday Night JKD classes at his home in Oak Grove, Missouri.  Experienced Wing Chun and other martial artists came to train to be new inductees of the art.

After some time, this group decided to make contact with other locations and martial artists.  On advice from Sifu Mark Stuart, Bryan decided to seek certification in the authentic JKD.  Bryan contacted Sifu Lamar Davis for a seminar in Kansas City.  One of the attendees convinced Sifu Davis to consider moving to the Kansas City area based on the great geographical location for spreading JKD in the mid-America states.  A committee, made of several businessmen (including Alan Delong), drew up a realistic plan to accomplish this task and sent it to Sifu Davis.

Location for a school was a problem until Tom Marshall agreed to turn over his school.  He built his school over the years and his students were willing to train with Sifu Davis.  Tom Marshal and Bryan Stevenson would serve as assistant instructors.  Sifu Davis decided to move classes to a new location after a few months and remained there for one year.  Then Sifu Davis decided to return to Birmingham, Alabama and this left a very good core group.  This group had been thoroughly drilled in the Basics of Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, more than most groups had been the U.S.  A board was formed and planned to build on the foundation and further the goals that Sifu Davis set out to accomplish.  These plans were taken to the student body and voted unanimously to accept.  Hence, the Jun Fan Four Eras Institute was born!

Following Jeet Kune philosophy to learn what is useful and discard what is not, we kept our doors open to other arts.  Filipino Martial Arts was included to our program, providing combative training and enhancing self-defense techniques.  Our name grew to Dragon Family Martial Arts Center to reflect our growth and umbrella our multiple arts.  Fred Ettish joined the ranks giving a boost to our student programs moving closer to producing well rounded students with fitness enhancement.  Than came C.O.B.R.A. Self-defense System, increasing our self-defense focus to reach all individuals from all backgrounds, ages and gender.  Resulting in DFMAC Defense, expressing the old with the new.

Our Goals

  • To provide a professional education in the science of fighting by combining traditional values and modern self-defense
  • To continue evolving for successful and up-to-date techniques and training methods for self-defense purposes
  • To educate our youth in character and self-defense, giving them the tools to be better citizens and become architects of a brighter future
  • To be an establishment for further exploration and education in the science of fighting and cultivation of the mind, body and spirit
  • To reach our community making it a safer place to live
  • To mentor self-responsibility and empower others to make positive changes in themselves and others, family and community


Our training revolves around learning self-defense and being responsible martial artists. Your yearly membership gets you access to boxing, kickboxing, trapping, grappling and weapons training all in one place.

Meet the Team

Our team is composed of seasoned instructors who take teaching seriously.  They are martial arts and fitness professionals who never stop learning to bring you the best training methods.

Sifu Bryan owner of DFMAC Defense

Bryan Stevenson

Owner & Head Instructor

Sifu Bryan’s reputation in the JKD community is he “traps like Lamar Davis, kicks like Ted Wong.”

Gary Guthrie martial arts and mma instructor

Gary Guthrie

Martial Arts & MMA Instructor

Gary is our top instructor who provides exceptional cues and the ability to break things down for you.  He is driven, like all our instructors, to give you the best training and teach you what works best for you.

Fred Ettish MMA and Kenpo instructor

Fred Ettish

Martial Arts & MMA Instructor

Sensei Fred provides the best MMA conditioning and fighter’s mentorship in the Kansas City area.  His conditioning classes go beyond the competition by joining skill training in class.  We can't help but train well rounded fighters.

Next Steps...

Let us know what you're looking for.  We will match you up with one of our amazing instructors to join a class or private lesson.