Martial Arts & Selfdefense

Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do is a non-classical martial arts method of self-defense and our core training program.

Through years of research and street testing, the late Bruce Lee developed JKD with the use of scientific methods and philosophy. It is a practical marital art composed of kicking, hand strikes, trapping, grappling and energy/sensitivity.

Focus is on simplicity and directness. This is not a quick fix self-defense program but training on in-depth method theory and application of the science of fighting.

Students who attend our classes to fine tune their skills, reflect on their results and seek to surpass their limitations.

Kids Martial Arts

Sching Da Do “The New Way” is a child-oriented martial arts program to teach life skills to better our kids as our future leaders.

We teach students character education through the Student Creed, principles of Black Belt Excellence and mat chats. It is our goal to teach the martial arts in a way that is fun and a scientific learning progression based on childhood development, while teaching effective self-defense.

Your child will learn self-control, focus and gain tools to deal with stressful situations including bullies and tricky people.

Wing Chun

Tenets of Wing Chun include practicality, efficiency and economy of movement.

Wing Chun teaches practitioners to advance quickly and strike at close range. It is a foundation of technique and application found commonly in fighting science.

Ip Man Wing Chun is practiced in respect to Bruce Lee’s own instructor and salutes Bruce Lee’s teachings of simplicity and efficiency in our Jeet Kune Do program.

Students who include WC in their program improve center-line occupation and leverage principles, accelerating effectiveness in technique application.


Weapons training at DFMAC Defense are derived from Filipino martial arts and military combat.

Focus is technique, flow and proper application for self-defense.  Weapons used in class represent what is more likely to be at hand in a self-defense situation.

Stick training also transfers to whole body coordination when applied to open hand application thus students are encourage to add training to their core JKD program.

This course is continuously updated to current criminal threats.   We are certified under W. Hock Hochheim Scientific Fighting Congress.

Matsumura Kenpo

Damaibushi Martial Arts LLC is providing traditional training in Okinawa Shorin Ryu Matsumura Kenpo Karate.

The emphasis is not on sport karate, and it is not a MMA class. This is a martial art that is very complex and involved and by design must be learned slowly over a long period of time. This is as old school training as you can get. It is an art that can, and should be, practiced for life.

Those interested in traditional Kenpo will be happily surprised by Sensi Fred Ettish instruction.

What it Means to Become a Martial Artist

Truth be told, not many people become martial artists.  Out of all the people who come to learn self-defense only about 3% continue training as martial artists.  There has to be something special about you that makes you want to learn more, and keep learning.

As a martial artists, you learn how training of the mind, body and spirit is integrated into everyday living.  That every day instances can become a learning experience.

Being a martial artist is a journey inwards and outwards.  You will learn more about yourself and limitation than become determined to push your boundaries, get better, get stronger, get faster.  You begin to reflect on yourself and make more deliberate, everyday choices towards self-improvement.

You gain a family that you learn from and share a growing experience with.  Over time you will see the hobbyist that comes and goes while the true martial artist commits to years of training.  In return, they begin to help their fellow comrades to follow the path of personal and physical growth.

It's an experience that's hard to describe and usually answered with "it's a martial artist thing".  It's something you don't get until you live it.  You won't know if it's your thing until you try.

Come to class to learn a skill and if you keep your mind open, over time you may find yourself on the path of a martial artist.

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